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What Is Lithium Carbonate CAS 554-13-2 ?

Lithium carbonate, also known as “white petroleum,” is widely used in various fields such as new energy vehicles, energy storage, glass, ceramics, and pharmaceuticals. Lithium carbonate is a common inorganic…
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Uses of Lithium Chloride

What Is Lithium Chloride? Lithium chloride is an ionic compound salt composed of lithium and chlorine. It is a white crystalline solid with an odorless salty taste. It is hygroscopic,…
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What are the main industrial uses of lithium?

Lithium Carbonate: Lithium carbonate is classified into different grades, including battery grade, industrial grade, and high purity grade. Battery grade is mainly used in the production of various secondary battery…
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Advantages of liquid dehumidification

How does liquid desiccant dehumidifier work? Dehumidifier uses a Lithium Chloride salt solution as absorbent. Lithium Chloride is a very strong salt and has an equilibrium curve which closely follows…
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Quality Inspection Of Raw Materials

Raw materials inspection refers to a comprehensive inspection of the quality of raw materials during the production process of an enterprise. Raw material quality inspection can ensure that the quality…
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What is Lithium Hydroxide and where do we use it?

Lithium hydroxide, chemical formula as LiOH, molecular weight 23.95, white tetragonal crystal, is intensely corrosive and irritating to human skin, with its melting point 450℃ (842℉), relative density as 1.46.…
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