Lithium Carbonate (High Purity)

Lithium Carbonate

Lithium Carbonate Chemical Properties

CAS No.: 554-13-2
Molecular Formula :Li2CO3  
Molecular Weight:73.89
Appearance: white powder, dissolve a bit in water; dissolve in thin acid.

specific gravity : 2.11g/cm3
melting point:723 ℃
boiling point 1230 ℃
Solubility: 1.3% (20℃)
EINECS: 209-062-5

Lithium Carbonate Packing
25kg woven bags or according to customer requirements.

Lithium Carbonate Usage
High purity lithium carbonate is mainly used in the preparation of high-end lithium ion battery cathode material and battery grade lithium fluoride preparation; 
In photoelectric information, high purity lithium carbonate is used to prepare lithium tantalate and lithium niobate;
At the same time, high purity lithium carbonate is also used in optical special glass, magnetic material industry and super capacitor, pharmaceutical industry, etc.  

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