Lithium Acetate Anhydrous CH3COOLi CAS 546-89-4

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Lithium Acetate Anhydrous CH3COOLi CAS 546-89-4

Cas No.: 546-89-4       EC NO.: 208-914-3
Formula: CH3COOLi     Molecular Weight: 65.99

Chemical Properties:
Appearance: White crystal or powder
Solubility: stable under normal temperature and pressure, easily deliquescent, soluble in water and alcohol.

Lithium Acetate is mainly used as raw materials for molten salt electrolysis to produce lithium metal, as well as in aluminum welding agent, air conditioning dehumidifier, special cement and catalyst for ploymer materials polyphenylene sulfide.


Lithium Acetate Anhydrous  
Items Guaranteed
LiAc ≥99.0%
Na ≤0.05%
K ≤0.05%
Fe ≤0.002%
Ca ≤0.01%
SO₄ ≤0.02%
Cl ≤0.01%
Cu ≤0.02%
H2O ≤0.05%

Used as catalyst in organic reaction.
Used for the separation of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, organic reaction catalyst; used in the pharmaceutical industry to prepare diuretics; Used as a raw material in the pharmaceutical industry as a buffer in gel electrophoresis, in the manufacture and stabilization of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and as an additive in dyestuffs for polymers in order to improve the viscosity, smoothness and dyeability.

Packaging: 25kg/plastic drum; as per customers’ requirements.


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