Lithium Bromide Solution CAS 7550-35-8, 50%~55% content

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Lithium Bromide Solution, CAS 7550-35-8, 50-55% Purity

Chemical Properties:
Molecular formula: LiBr
Colorless or yellow transparent liquid. Used for air conditioning refrigerant.


Items Quality
Content(%) 50-55 min
Ca(%) 0.002 max.
Mg(%) 0.0005 max.
Fe(%) 0.0001 max.
Cl(%) 0.05 max.
SO4(%) 0.02 max.
(as customer’s required)
Li2CrO4 0.15-0.25
Li2MoO4 0.01-0.03
LiNO3 0.01-0.03

Packing:30kg, 50kg, 300kg in plastic drum, with pallets; as per customers’ request.

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50%-55% Lithium Bromide Solution is a kind of high efficiency water vapor absorbent and air humidity regulator. Refrigeration industry is widely used as absorption refrigerants, organic industry as hydrogen chloride de aging agent and organic fiber expander. Medically used as a hypnotic and sedative. The battery industry is used as an electrolyte for high-energy batteries and micro batteries. In addition, it is also used in photographic industry and analytical chemistry.

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