lithium carbonate cement
What is lithium carbonate technical grade?
lithium carbonate cement

Lithium Carbonate used for Self-leveling Cement Li2CO3 CAS 554-13-2

Lithium Carbonate

Lithium Carbonate used for Self-leveling Cement Construction Materials Li2CO3 CAS 554-13-2

CAS No. 554-13-2    EINECS: 209-062-5
Formula: Li2CO3   Molecular Weight:73.89

Lithium Carbonate is white monoclinic crystal or alkaline powder, slightly soluble in water, soluble in dilute acids, insoluble in alcohol, specific gravity 2.11, melting point 723°C, boiling point 1230°C. 


Product Construction Material Grade lithium carbonate (Guaranteed)
Li2CO3 (main content not less than, %) 99.0
Impurities content not more than,


Sodium (Na) 0.2
Potassium (K)
Calcium (Ca) 0.05
Ferric oxide (Fe2O3) 0.01
Chlorine (Cl) 0.05
Sulfate (SO4) 0.35
Acid insoluble matter 0.005
Particle size 200 mesh (95-100%)

Packing: 25kg bags or bulk bags; as per customers’ request.

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What is the use of lithium carbonate in cement?Lithium carbonate is used as an accelerator for fast setting cement and mortars, mainly based on high alumina cements. Self-leveling floor screeds, adhesives for tiles, shotcrete and waterproofing slurry are the major applications. Lithium hydroxide and sulfate are also used in particular applications.
Lithium carbonate is a chemical reagent that’s used as an accelerator in self-leveling cement to help it set faster. It’s also used in other construction materials like mortars, adhesives, and grouts. Lithium carbonate’s narrow particle size helps cement floors set quickly and predictably, which can save time and money for construction projects. It can also improve the cement’s breaking and compression strength, as well as its stability and self-leveling performance.
Lithium carbonate is especially effective in cements that contain high alumina or calcium sulfoaluminate, and it can also help prevent non-uniform curing, discoloration, and spotting.
Lithium carbonate is commonly used in rapid-setting tile adhesives, grouts, self-leveling compounds, and other rapid-setting dry mix mortars. As it helps building materials harden faster, it then saves the end user construction costs and time.
Lithium Carbonate is a drying accelerator for mortars, used in combination with aluminous cements, it accelerates their drying, providing high mechanical resistance: accelerates the reaction, provides quick drying, increases mechanical resistance, and can be used in Mortars that require fast drying, refractory mortars, self-leveling floors, Grates, Quick repair mortar among others.
Lithium Carbonate is present in cement and construction materials. Self-Leveling Floor Compound has lithium carbonate or potassium carbonate using for adjusting PH of mixture, tartaric acid, sodium gluconate and hydroxyethyl cellulose using for thickness of mixture.

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