Anhydrous Lithium Chloride LiCl CAS 7447-41-8

Lithium Chloride

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CAS Number: 7447-41-8
Appearance:  white crystals or powder
Purity (Assay): Lithium chloride LiCl 99% Min
Molecular Formula: LiCl
Formula weight: 42.40

Lithium Chloride (CAS: 7447-41-8) is a type of inorganic compound widely used in various industries due to its diverse applications. As a halide salt of lithium and chlorine, it has unique properties that make it useful in many contexts.

This compound plays a crucial role in the production of lithium metal and is also utilized in the preparation of certain organic synthesis processes. In addition, lithium chloride is a key ingredient in the manufacture of dry cells and lithium batteries, which are essential in today’s high-tech devices.Furthermore, this substance is used to remove water from air conditioning systems and in certain applications of welding and soldering. In the field of medical science, lithium chloride has potential use in mood stabilizing treatments as it may help manage bipolar disorder symptoms.

CAS Number: 7447-41-8 EC number: 231-212-3

Synonyms: LITHIUM CHLORIDE ; Lithium Chloride Anhydrous ; Lithium chloride, anhydrous ; lithium(1+) ion chloride ; LITHIUM-CHLORIDE- ; lithiumchloride ; lithuim chloride ; Lithium chloride

Technical Specifications:
LiCl content: 99%
K: 0.2% Max
Na: 0.15% Max
Ca: 0.001% Max
Mg: 0.0002% Max
Ba: 0.001 Max

Package: 25kg bags or fiber drums

Usage: UA raw material for preparation of lithium metal, used as welding flux for aluminium and demoisturizing agent for air-condition and producing special cement.

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