lithium iodide LiI cas 10377-51-2
lithium iodide LiI cas 10377-51-2

Lithium Iodide Anhydrous Lil 99.9% CAS 10377-51-2

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CAS No. : 10377-51-2    EINECS No.:233-822-5
Formula:  LiI            Molecular weight: 133.85
HS Code: 2827600000   

Chemical properties:
Lithium iodide is white crystal, easy deliquescence, color change to yellow when meet light or placed for a long time; Soluble in water, alcohol and acetone; Corrosive to glass and ceramics when melting.
Lithium iodide is Used to manufacture pharmaceuticals and in photographic process.

Lithium iodide Usage: 1. Photographic industry. 2. Synthesis of related artificial crystals. 3. Lithium battery manufacturing materials.


Items Guaranteed
Appearance White crystalline powder
LiI content(%) 99.90 min.
Na, wt% 0.001 max.
K, wt%  0.001 max.
Ca, wt% 0.0005 max.
Mg, wt% 0.0005 max.
Fe, wt% 0.0005 max.
SO42-, wt% 0.008 max.
Zn, wt% 0.0005 max.
Pb, wt% 0.0005 max.
H2O 0.02 max.

 Package:25kg/fiber drum; as per clients’ request.

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Lithium iodide is the iodide of lithium. It is a white crystal which is easy to deliquescence. When exposed in air, it is easily oxidized to iodine and turns yellow. Nitric acid, sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid can also oxidize lithium iodide solution to iodine. Lithium Iodide LiI is easy to dissolve in water, and can precipitate a variety of hydrates from aqueous solution. The anhydrous substance will continue to react with iodine to form liin polyiodide, and can also react with chlorine to form mixed halide. The preparation of Lithium Iodide LiI in industry and laboratory is to dissolve lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide hydrate in the newly prepared hydroiodic acid, and then evaporate and concentrate the solution to obtain crystals. Lithium iodide can also be obtained by the reaction of ammonium iodide and lithium in liquid ammonia. Other products are ammonia and hydrogen. During the purification of lithium iodide, the hydrate can be dried in vacuum, dehydrated and sublimated. The hydrate can also be dried in hydrogen iodide atmosphere, heated to melt and filled with hydrogen to remove the iodine left by hydrogen iodide. Lithium iodide is used as electrolyte in high-temperature and long-life batteries and in catalytic dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons.



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