Lithium Nitrate, Anhydrous 99.0%
Battery Grade Anhydrous Lithium Hydroxide 98%
Lithium Nitrate, Anhydrous 99.0%

Lithium Nitrate, Anhydrous 99.0%

Other Lithium Compounds

Lithium nitrate is an inorganic compound with the formula LiNO3. It is the lithium salt of nitric acid (an alkali metal nitrate).

Chemical Name: Lithium Nitrate
CAS Number: 7790-69-4
Synonyms: lithium nitrogen oxide, Lithium nitrate  anhydrous 
Appearance: white crystalline powder.

25kg seaworthy woven bags or UN fibre drums.

Oxidiser, harmful. Contact with combustible material may cause fire, harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Please request the MSDS for this

Handling and storage: 
Store away flammable materials and strong acids. Protect from moisture and oxidizable materials. Keep container closed.


Technical Specifications:
Chemical                                         Guaranteed (wt%)
Lithium Nitrate assay                          99.0 min
H2O                                                     0.5 max
Cl                                                         0.02 max
SO4                                                     0.05 max
Fe                                                        0.002 max
Na+K                                                   0.15 max
Water Insolubles                                  0.05 max