Lithium Perchloride CAS 7791-03-9

Other Lithium Compounds

Lithium Perchloride Chemical Properties
CAS No. 7791-03-9
Molecular formula:LiClO4
Molecular weight: 106.46
Appearance: white crystals powde

Lithium Perchloride Packing 
25kg drums

Lithium Perchloride Usage
Used as fuel for rocket and raw matirials for lithium battery.

Technical specification:
LiClO4 content(%) 99
K 0.005
Na 0.01
Ca 0.01
Fe 0.0001
content of impurity less than , %
Cl 0.02
SO4 0.0005
H2O 0.5
Package: 25kg net in bag.


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