Lithium Perchloride LiClO4 Cas 7791-03-9

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Lithium Perchloride LiClO4 Cas 7791-03-9

CAS 7791-03-9      EINECS: 232-237-2
Formula: LiClO4  Formula weight: 106.46

Physical Characters:
Lithium perchlorate anhydrous consists of white crystals that are soluble in water, ethanol, ether, and acetone. used as fuel for rocket and raw materials or lithium battery.
Lithium perchlorate anhydrous has the chemical formula LiClO4, and is primarily used in high-temperature chemistry to provide oxygen, and as an oxidant for rocket fuel. In the Li-ion battery industry, lithium perchlorate anhydrous is used in electrolyte production.

Lithium Perchloride Specifications:

Items (Lithium Perchloride) Guaranteed
Appearance White crystalline powder
LiClO4 content, wt(%) 99.0 min.
K, wt% 0.005 max.
Na, wt% 0.01 max.
Ca, wt% 0.01 max.
Fe, wt% 0.0001 max.
Cl, wt% 0.02 max.
H2O, wt% 0.5 max.


25kg bags or fiber drums; as per customers’ request.

Lithium Perchloride is used as electrolytic salt in batteries, used as an oxygen source for chemical oxygen generators.

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