Lithium Phosphate CAS 10377-52-3

Other Lithium Compounds
Lithium Phosphate Chemical Properties
CAS No. 10377-52-3
Molecular formula:Li3O4P
Molecular weight: 115.79

Appearance: Colorless transparent solution

EC NO. 233-823-0

Trilithium monophosphate, Lithiophosphate (Li3 PO4 ), Trilithium orthophosphate, Lithium orthophosphate (LiPO4 ), Phosphoric acid, trilithium salt

Lithium Phosphate Packing 
250kg/30kg net in plastic drum.

Lithium Phosphate Usage 
Lithium phosphate is majorly used in the form of a conductive thin-film electrolyte for the fabrication of a variety of high performance energy storage devices such as lithium ion batteries and other lithium based rechargeable batteries.