Lithium Carbonate, Lithium Hydroxide, Lithium Chloride and other Lithium Compounds.

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A Steady Supply of Lithium Salts

Be Responsible: The company’s commitments to the customer are to deliver its best performance and to ensure quality and contract fulfillment in a timely manner. We always uphold the principles of quality, integrity and innovation to be a trusted partner for every customer to ensure long-term business growth and sustainability.

Quality Assurance: Staring from with the raw materials, going through the various stages and ending up with the final product, every step of our product manufacturing process is under the supervision and control of computers, ensuring that our products have the advantages of low impurity content, good consistency, uniform particle size distribution, and low magnetism. We also pay due attention to packing, storage and transport.

Professional Service: Our professional service is more than just showing respect and courtesy to our customers, we have profound experience in extraction, processing and manufacturing in the field of lithium compounds. It’s about making sure every interaction is positive for both parties involved, including cost savings, customs compliance, increase in efficiency across all levels. We can provide you one-stop service.