You want to know actual HS Code of Lithium Compounds Products ?

Are you interested in knowing the customs codes for these products? Take a look below:

Lithium Chloride Take Cas 7447-41-8
HS Code       Description   

2931             Other Organo-Inorganic Compounds 
29319090     Other
2827             Chlorides, Chloride Oxides And Chloride Hydro-Xides; Bromides And Bromide Oxides; lodides and lodide Oxides 
28273990     other

Lithium Carbonate Cas 554-13-2
HS Code       Description   
2836             Carbonates; Peroxocarbonates (Percarbonat-Es); Commercial Ammonium Carbonate Containing Ammonium Carbamate
Lithium carbonates
28369990    Other


Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate Cas 1310-66-3
HS Code       Description   
2825             Hydrazine And Hydroxylamine And Their Inorganic Salts; Other Inorganic Bases; Other Metal Oxides,Hydroxides and Peroxi Hydrazine anhydrous
28252000    Lithium oxide and hydroxide
28251090    Other
28259090    Other 


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